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What it looks like:

  • Unable to trust others.

  • Trauma/PTSD symptoms.

  • Anxiety and depression.

  • Coping through an Eating Disorder, substance abuse, frequent sexual encounters with multiple people, or abusing others.

  • Issues with sex and intimacy in adult relationships.

  • A belief that you can't protect yourself. 

  • Repeated instances of victimization.

  • Unable to disclose or talk about it with anyone.

  • Issues with self-esteem and how you see yourself that lead to making choices to match: underperforming in school, jobs below your abilities, unhealthy relationships. 


What it feels like:

  • Confusion -it goes against how others are supposed to behave.

  • Shame or humiliation that it happened or that you may have deserved it.

  • Self-blame -if you had done something different it might not have happened, or you didn't do enough, or encouraged it in some way.

  • Helplessness and dependence.

  • Betrayed by trusted others to protect you and care for you.

  • There's something wrong with you that you were targeted, that this happened, that you are responding the way you are -even if it's years later.

  • You are bad, or disgusting, and don't deserve to have a better life or be alive.


How therapy can help:

  • The most important thing about receiving therapy for sexual trauma is that it exposes, safely, the secret. The secret is insidious as long as it remains a secret to the holder -it has all the power to destroy when it remains hidden. Just talking about it to someone you trust can lift a heavy weight.

  • The threats and control used to keep you silenced are desensitized to help you protect yourself going forward and gain control over your life.

  • Slowly and gently processing sexual trauma lessens the intensity and influence of survival responses (fight/flight, etc.) on your relationships and intimacy.

  • It points out all the miraculous ways you have survived this trauma and identifies the strengths you've had to possess to survive.

I know this is hard.
I will be there with you for every step.

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site.  These resources can provide you with immediate help.

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