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What it looks like:

  • Unable to trust the other person.

  • Difficulties with intimacy.

  • Boundary violations, or lack of boundaries in place. 

  • Struggling to communicate to be effectively heard.

  • Isolating by not engaging.

  • Blaming each other for the issues.

  • Issues with self-esteem, or being assertive in expressing needs.

  • Use of fight, flight, or freeze responses to conflict.

  • Finding alternative ways to feel connection: social media, streaming, sex with multiple partners, pets, virtual gaming interactions, etc.


What it feels like:

  • Alone, disconnected, abandoned or neglected.

  • Judged and afraid of rejection.

  • Relief from avoiding engagement rather than confronting the issue.

  • Depressed that your relation-ship isn't working the way you want it to.

  • Dependent and not in control.

  • Fear that you will feel alone forever and never be accepted.

  • Overwhelm and panic at your inability to make others happy, to know how to make things work out, or to get them to understand that you are trying.

  • Frustration and anger that you are trying so hard but do not seem to be making a difference, or are unappreciated.


How therapy can help:

  • The relationship you build with your counselor will have proper boundaries, as well as a purpose to demonstrate how to work effectively with another to make sure you feel supported and valued. 

  • Toxic beliefs and thoughts are driving factors to experiencing not belonging or disconnection. These can be targeted and relieved to open more space for trust.

  • Relationships are often mirrored from what you witnessed in childhood. Understanding this connection can help break defeating patterns.

  • Development of how you see yourself can help you set boundaries, ask for what you want, feel less alone, and overall feel more confident in or out of relationships.

This is fixable! You don't have to struggle forever.

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site.  These resources can provide you with immediate help.

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